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Regenerators join the Future Talks Artic Symposium

Four days on a veteran ship - undisturbed - with no wifi or cellular coverage 100 brilliant people - young and old - from all sectors and all continents will convene to discuss the future of life on Planet Earth. Laura Storm will represent Regenerators perspectives on regenerative societies. 

The questions the expedition will address are: 

What should our societies be like? How can wealth be more equally distributed? How does tech affect democracy and the distribution of power? How do we meet the blurring divisions between man and machine? What are the consequences of bioengineering? Should there be restrictions on AI? How can we prepare our children for the future instead of the past?

We are at a point in time where things are changing fast. New technologies bring the potential to create an amazing future for all, but we are also facing great risks. The Arctic Expedition is about opening eyes, deliberately choosing direction, and empowering the young. It’s about taking a stand on ethics and sustainability. Consciously choosing our way forward. More info here. 

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Co-creating a regenerative architecture

CO-CREATING A MANIFESTO FOR A NEW EMERGING REGENERATIVE ARCHITECTURE, September 18, Omved Gardens, London.  There's a new emerging architecture lurking in the near future. This new architecture requires us to look inwards before we design outwards. As well as focusing on form and materials, wouldn’t it be good if architects and designers also focused on understanding the art and science of wellbeing and the future needs of humanity in a fast-evolving world? What if we invested more time to explore the architecture of community, organisations, and human relationships? What if we regularly immersed ourselves in nature as a source of inspiration for our work?

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