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Do you crave a new kind of leadership that honours your feminine essence? A way that recharges your and your colleagues instead of draining you? Do you crave a new way of showing up at the workplace that sees inner strength, self-awareness and resilience as gateways to innovation, creativity and a thriving work culture? Do you long for tools to help facilitate a thriving work-culture? Are you ready for a new way of leading that moves away from rigid, control-obsessed hierarchies and instead empowers the individual? Do you want to add everyday techniques that makes you more sustainable, from the inside and out?

Then join us for a weekend of diving deep into a new rich, regenerative and feminine way of delivering succesful results in business and in life. The weekend is a combination of master-classes, yoga, breath work, nature walks, silence, journaling and nourishing food.

A weekend that will recharge and empower you in your career and personal life.

Earlier Event: April 11
Seminar on Regenerative Leadership