(The dates will be announced in december 2018 - it will be in May or June, 2019

Location: Stedsans in the woods in Sweden (2,5 hours from Copenhagen airport) 

Our current times call for a radical new regenerative leadership paradigm. We need leaders who know how to build thriving, regenerative, future-fit organizations where purpose, people, planet and profit can thrive collectively. 

This learning journey is dedicated to cultivate, nourish and catalyse the next level of conscious leadership for a thriving world.

Take a few days out of your busy schedule to deep-dive into the wisdom of nature. Tap into the creativity and intelligence that lies inherent in living-systems approaches and learn how to use this creative regenerative dynamic to bring you closer to a conscious way of leading, living and thriving as a leader. 


Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

We combine master-classes, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, guided nature immersions, deep listening, shamanistic-inspired circles, silence and journaling. 

The Learning Journey is reserved for a small group of people and will be hosted at the eco-resort Stedsans in the Woods - deep in the Swedish forest. 



For many great leaders - Nature & Solitude has been their key to strength, resilience, wisdom and compassion



- The elements of a new regenerative leadership paradigm and how to cultivate thriving future-fit leaders and organizations

- Living systems-thinking & living systems-being, applied for next generation conscious leadership

- What leaders can learn from the logic of living systems and how to apply this into thriving ways of leading and living

- The wisdom of nature and how to tap into this to nourish a regenerative mind-set and culture

- An understanding of the necessary shift in consciousness now required (e.g. in Spiral Dynamics the shift from Tier 1 to Tier 2 Teal & Turquoise)

- Regenerative Leadership Principles



- New inspiration, energy and grounded connection with the powers of nature (you will be immersed in nature 24/7 - you have your own private cabin or beduin tent and your own private bathroom).

- Unique insight and understanding into regenerative future-fit leadership that will help you strategically and practically prepare your organisation for the future.

- Practical tools to tap into the creative wisdom of nature and apply this to your organization.

- An embodied understanding of the ‘crossing of the threshold’ required in leadership consciousness (e.g. from Tier 1 into Tier Two Teal & Turquoise)

- Techniques to shift consciousness and hold space for shifting consciousness within your organization.

- A deeper awareness of how everything is interconnected, and what this all means for how we lead and operate not just thriving future-fit organisations and teams but also the way we live our lives as purposeful human beings. 

- A community of peers that you have shared a unique experience with – 3 months after the Retreat an online class is offered to support integrating the lessons in your everyday leadership practice.


The days will be a blend of workshop masterclasses, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, guided nature immersions, embodiment activities, deep listening, shamanistic experiences, silence and journaling. This is all designed to guide participants into a transformative leadership paradigm. 

Specific reading material will be provided pre and post retreat.



- Leaders from all walks of life who feel called to understand and explore how to build thriving, regenerative organizations geared for the future.

- Leaders who desire a deeper understanding of how to access and nurture their own inner creativity and life-force, as well as the innate magnificence of life and wisdom of nature.

- Leaders who know in their hearts that a new level of consciousness is now required for the challenges upon us - and that conscious leaders and organizations are the only way forward.

- Senior managers, executives, practitioners, edge-walkers, strategists, thought-leaders, cultural creatives, pioneers, HR-professionals and entrepreneurs who desire a new dimension for their work.


The Learning Journey is facilitated by Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm 





Stedsans in the Woods is a restaurant and eco-resort founded with a mission to provide guests a healing sanctuary in the midst of the swedish woods. It is located at a forest lake in Halland, Sweden 2 hours drive from Copenhagen - 2.5 hours by train.

Their restaurant is placed in the middle of the forest, and uses fire as the only heat source. Plants are the main ingredients for the meals, and 95% of these are gathered in the surrounding forest, or picked right before dinnertime in the restaurant's own fields, fruit orchards or medicinal herb garden.

Guests stay overnight in low-key-luxurious beduin tents or simple wooden cabins equipped with only the most necessary to nourish the soul: Organic bed linen, great comfortable beds, beautiful hand crafted or re-used furniture, wood fired stoves. Each guest have their own private bathroom with beautifully designed compost toilets with a view to the sky.

The resort facilities include a floating sauna, and in 2018 an outdoor spa area will be ready, including outdoor hottub, outdoor showers, and a yoga/meditation platform.

The idea behind the resort is to not only offer guests a unique experience of being really close to nature, but also to play around the concept of sustainable living. How can we live more in sync with the nature within and around us, for the benefit of both people and planet? This is done in collaboration with professionals from the science- and lifestyle Worlds: architects, designers, chefs, farmers, philosophers, musicians and more.

Stedsans experiment with simple, logical solutions to better use of water, energy, and waste and call their Sanctuary a lab for the lifestyle of the future.

This is the perfect venue for a journey into a regenerative approach to leadership. 




Knowledge & Inspiration - all designed to help you develop leadership skills for future-fit, regenerative, thriving organizations

  • Several Masterclasses on Regenerative Leadership practices, tools and insight

  • Facilitated Nature immersions

  • Facilitated Silence & meditation-elements - in circle and in nature

  • Shamanistic-inspired circles by the fire

  • A lecture on Permaculture farming and a guided tour around the Retreat facilities "Stedsans in the Woods" - to see how they have designed everything in sync with nature cooking 6-course dinners over fire etc.

  • A follow-up online workshop with facilitators and participants 3 months after the Regenerative Leadership retreat



The 3-day Regenerative Leadership Retreat is for a small circle to ensure an exclusive trusted environment. 

Please apply by filling out the form below. 

A month before the Regenerative Leadership Retreat you will receive your Course Package with programme and reading material. 

We can't wait to meet you all and start the journey together!

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