when: APRIL 29 - MAY 1, 2019. WE START AND FINISH AT 3PM

Location: “Skoven kalder”, ryd, sweden

Do you crave a new kind of leadership that honours your feminine essence? A way that recharges your and your colleagues? Do you crave a new way of showing up at the workplace that sees inner strength, self-awareness and resilience as gateways to innovation, creativity and a thriving work culture? Do you long for tools to help facilitate a thriving work-culture? Are you ready for a new way of leading that moves away from rigid, control-obsessed hierarchies and instead empowers the individual? Do you want to add everyday techniques that makes you more sustainable, from the inside and out?

Then join us for a weekend of diving deep into a new rich, regenerative and feminine way of delivering succesful results in business and in life. The weekend is a combination of master-classes, yoga, breath work, nature walks, silence, journaling and nourishing food.

A weekend that will recharge and empower you in your career and personal life.



“Perhaps our deepest fear is not that we would be uncivilised and out of control but that we would be free to rediscover the sacredness of being alive “

Julie McIntyre

We are passionate about supporting women desiring a new way of showing up in the workplace and will provide masterclasses, tools, cases, exercises to help you transform your feminine leadership skills. 

This weekend is for the trailblazing female (women only sorry) executives, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, innovators, managers and leaders (of all walks of life) who are ready to lead organizations towards an era balanced between feminine and masculine values and leadership traits. The weekend is dedicated to tapping into the wisdom of nature applied to leadership, creativity, business models and how to live life in a way that fills you up and nourishes you with respect for the cycles of life.  

The weekend is designed as a combination of masterclasses, exercises, nature-embodiment, yoga, delicious vegetarian food – a combination of stimulating the brain and inspiring you to reach new heights while your body, senses and heart feels nourished and held. 


  • The Dawn of the New Leadership Paradigm (including the root cause of our current crisis + the mechanistic, hyper-masculine paradigm we need to move away from) 

  • How to build resilient, regenerative organizations that thrives from the inside out

  • Inner + outer sustainability and how to integrate this in leadership and life

  • New way of facilitating a thriving organisational culture - collaboration, work flow etc. that includes silence, deep listening, developmental approaches

  • The intelligence and wisdom of nature applied to leadership, organizations and how to approach life

  • Cognitive dissonance – what is it, how to identify your cognitive dissonance and how to address it in every day life to show up more grounded and in coherence with values

  • How to develop leadership skills geared for the New Feminine Era that balances yin/yang, inner/outer, feminine/masculine


  • New inspiration, energy and connections with the intelligence of nature and women on a similar path

  • Unique insight and tools into a new dawning leadership paradigm

  • Models for taking you’re leadership practice to the next level - regardless of whether it’s leading yourself, your team or organizations

  • Practical tools to help you stay grounded, present, connected to the nature within and around you

  • A nourished body, mind and soul - a body that has hiked in nature, practiced regenerative yoga and breath work, dived into rich conversations and eaten delicious vegetarian meals


The days will be a blend of workshop masterclasses, exercises, leadership yoga, regenerative yoga, breath work for focus and presence, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, guided nature hikes, deep listening, circles around the fire, silence and journaling. 

PRICE: DKK 7500/SEK 10.200

The Leadership Retreat is facilitated by two of Scandinavia’s most experienced women in the field of sustainability leadership Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson & Laura Storm 


Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson has worked with inner as well as outer sustainability as a journalist, lecturer, moderator and TV-program host for 25 years. She is devoted to using her experience to inspire people to take better care of not only themselves but also the environment.

During her career she has written articles in major publications about integrative medicine, yoga, physical fitness, stress management and food for health, and also about ecological sustainability.  In 2013 she hosted the Swedish Television prime time program Arga doktorn.

Catarina has published 12 books and lectures and moderates conferences internationally for organizations such as the EU Commission, The Swedish government, London Meditation Center and major corporations and NGO´s. She is Content Project Leader for the organization A Sustainable Tomorrow.

She is a certified yoga teacher since 2004 and teaches in Malmö, Sweden. Her academic background is in political science, cultural science and journalism. 


Laura Storm has for the past 15 years headed and created multiple global organizations in the intersection between business, sustainability, climate change policy, innovation and leadership. The common denominator being a focus on the global transformation to sustainability - including Copenhagen Climate Council and Sustainia. Her academic background is a Master in Political Communication & Leadership focused on the challenges and opportunities when implementing sustainability strategies.

She teaches leaders in the new regenerative leadership paradigm and has initiated the Regenerators that addresses regenerative design, leadership and living.

For her work she has been awarded the title "Worldchanger" by Greenbiz and is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and Sustainability Expert. She serves on multiple Board, either as chair or board member. She also hosts the podcast Cracks of Light - Leadership for a thriving world that engage leaders in a dialogue around the paradigm shift towards a world where purpose, people, planet & profit collectively thrive.



ABOUT THE VENUE & ACCOMMODATION: “Skoven Kalder” (“the woods are calling”)
”Skoven Kalder”  is located in the forest outside of the small town Ryd in Sweden. A 2,5-3 hour drive from Copenhagen, 40 min less from Malmö.  If you have a car, and if you want to share travel and costs  with other participants, we can help you coordinate this. You can also take the train to Mörrum. It takes 2,5 hours directly from Copenhagen Central Station, 1,45 min from Malmö.  In Mörrum you can be picked up if we coordinate your arrival with other participants. The fee for the taxi bus depends on the number  of passengers but it is appr 120 DK per person and per trip.

“Skoven Kalder” is deep in the Swedish woods and a cluster of newly renovated cabins with a main house where all meals are served. There’s plenty of spaces to cosy up by a fireplace - either in groups or solo if you so desire. The atmosphere is basic luxury - lovely scandinavian design yet still closely immersed in nature. You share toilets and showers with those in your cabin but there’s a few private rooms on a first come first served basis (extra charge is 500 DKK) - all other rooms are double but lovely and spacious. There’s showers and toilets near all cabins (so you are app 4 who shares a shower/toilet).

There’s a sauna overlooking the lake and the main hall for yoga and masterclasses is overlooking the forest.

All meals will be prepared for us throughout the entire stay.

- Comfortable clothes to do yoga in and to hike in. Layers are best, since the weather might change.
- Rain gear and comfortable hiking boots or sturdy sneakers. 
- A water bottle

- Yoga mats and other props
- Bed linen and towels
- Notebooks and pens

The food is vegetarian. Please let us know if you are vegan or have any food allergies. You can notify us in the sign-up form below.

Please notify your family and friends that you will be offline the entire stay - unless it is very important. You can also give them our number and hand over your phone to us. The extra benefits and sense of being grounded and connected to the nature within and around when we are not online is so unique and rare.


Please apply by filling out the form below. We will then send you an invoice and your spot is secured upon payment.

We can't wait to meet you all!

If you have questions you can write us: hi@laura-storm.com or catarina@rolfsdotter.se

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