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The is a community of professionals dedicated to working together to re-design a world where purpose, people, planet and profit collectively thrive.

A world built on regenerative principles. A world where we understand that everything in life is interconnected. A world where organizations, leadership, design, architecture and cities are inspired by the intelligence and wisdom of life and nature.

Because after all... We are nature.


True leaders of today understand that we're all part of an interconnected intelligence rooted in nature's regenerative living-systems. Learning to harness the creativity, innovation, vibrancy and renewal of this is key to re-designing a regenerative world. A world that thrives.

This is the beating heart of life-affirming conscious organizations, systems and models. This is the future. 

The is here to aid the emergence of this new paradigm.




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upcoming open workshop: APRIL 11, 2019


Join us for a full day (in Copenhagen) to update your leadership skills to bring you closer to a regenerative way of leading, living and thriving as a leader. A way inspired by the intelligence of living systems. Full-day seminar for all who feel ready to upgrade their skills, tools and leadership for a new thriving paradigm. 

The day will be a blend of masterclasses, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, embodiment activities, deep listening, silence and journaling. This is all designed to guide participants into a transformative leadership paradigm. 


Retreat for Women: Leading from your Feminine Essence

Do you crave a new kind of leadership that honours your feminine essence? A way that recharges your and your colleagues instead of draining you? Do you crave a new way of showing up at the workplace that sees inner strength, self-awareness and resilience as gateways to innovation, creativity and a thriving work culture? Do you long for tools to help facilitate a thriving work-culture? Are you ready for a new way of leading that moves away from rigid, control-obsessed hierarchies and instead empowers the individual? Do you want to add everyday techniques that makes you more sustainable, from the inside and out?

Then join us for a weekend of diving deep into a new rich, regenerative and feminine way of delivering succesful results in business and in life. The weekend is a combination of master-classes, yoga, breath work, nature walks, silence, journaling and nourishing food.

A weekend that will recharge and empower you in your career and personal life.



There's a new emerging architecture lurking in the near future. This new architecture requires us to look inwards before we design outwards. As well as focusing on form and materials, wouldn’t it be good if architects and designers also focused on understanding the art and science of wellbeing and the future needs of humanity in a fast-evolving world? What if we invested more time to explore the architecture of community, organisations, and human relationships? What if we regularly immersed ourselves in nature as a source of inspiration for our work?



"Improve a place or system, especially by making it more creative and vibrant"

"Undergo renewal and invigoration"

"Replace what's broken with something better that adds more value than it takes"


This is what Regenerators is all about. We want to replace the current broken paradigm that causes huge strain on our social and ecological systems. Replace it with a paradigm based on regenerative principles. A paradigm that moves away from the take, make, dispose of our natural and human resources and instead makes room for consciousness to evolve and for creativity to flourish.


Services, products, cities and architecture designed using the regenerative principles of nature. Circular economy, biomimicry, green chemicals, sharing - are all proven concepts of successful business models inspired by nature. 



Organizations & leadership designed to facilitate regenerative, conscious, life-affirming cultures geared for the current and future challenges of our times. Cultures inspired by nature's regenerative, vibrant, self-organising, resilient models. Organizations that thrive. 


Nature Immersions 

Learn about leadership inspired by nature - while being immersed in nature 

Regenerators bring leaders out into nature to zoom in on the intelligence and wisdom of nature and how we can tap into this in the way we lead, design and organise. Our immersions are always a mixture of masterclasses, nature walks, silence, embodiment, deep listening, play and exercises. 


The starting point for prosperous and thriving organizations and cities are the people that inhabit them. Let’s create space and systems that actually unleash our human potential rather than hamper it. Let's create awareness around the potential of a regenerative lifestyle inspired by nature. 

“The more we learn to be true to our unique self, the more it dawns on us that we are just one expression of something larger, an interconnected web of life and consciousness. That realisation can be elating but also painful - we now comprehend how deeply our relationship with life and nature has been broken...We see the foolishness and arrogance of mankind’s stance of putting itself above the rest of life and try to find a more truthful and humble place in the midst of it.”
— Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations