The Dawn of a New Era

(By Laura Storm) 

This is the dawn of a new era. 

The world is broken. The planet is hurting. We are hurting. We have through decades trapped ourselves into a way of life where its impossible to breath. Impossible to live a life where we can fully thrive and create as those marvellous beings we all are. 

We have ruthlessly exploited natural resources without realising that those we truly harmed was ourselves. As a species we’re dependent on the air, ocean and rivers we have polluted; the forests we have cut; the soil we have depleted. Greed has taken over. 

We have in the past century misused our intelligence as a force to do more harm than good.

We have completely forgotten why we have the structures, systems, hierarchies and bureaucracies we have – it was simply passed on to us by people that were told to do so by their successors. Most of ask no questions. We are judged and are judging each other based on values that do us no good. Based on a definition of success that do us no good. We constantly want more. Never truly satisfied. 

We live in our head with a physical body that we torture around every day to meet deadlines and targets we have no idea what really leads to. We just carry on and on and on. 

The systems are broken. Clearly. Yet it seems like we are paralyzed. Terrified. But although we are miserable with the way things are - we are even more scared of changing. We fear and dread change. It is unpleasant and scary as hell so instead of putting a stick into this crazy spinning wheel and start afresh, we continue. 

This is a time with so many cracks in the old systems. 

But really… they are cracks of light. The light of a new era is getting through and getting stronger by the day. Can you see it? Feel it? Smell it? Through those cracks new ways of working, living, connecting, creating gets a chance to erupt and emerge. Slowly but surely creating a new world for us to live in. A better, happier, more prosperous and loving world. 

Time has come that my generation unite with the love and support from those that came before us. 

This is the dawn of a new way. 

Laura Storm